Best DJ Mixers: The Heartbeat of Your Setup


Best Dj Mixer
18 Dec, 2023


In this comprehensive guide, I unveil the factors crucial in selecting the right mixer to amplify your disk jockeying (DJing) experience. I elaborate the key elements and best DJ Mixer models to elevate your performances and seamlessly craft energetic musical tracks.

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What is a DJ mixer?

A DJ mixer is an essential tool used by disc jockeys to blend and manipulate multiple audio sources during a performance or mix. A mixer allows DJs to seamlessly transition between songs, control volume levels, apply effects, and adjust the equalization of sounds from turntables, CD players, or digital media.

A simple example I can think of is that the DJ mixer is a central hub for combining and creatively manipulating audio signals to create continuous and harmonious musical songs and tracks for the audience.

Factors to consider when choosing the best DJ mixer

The following factors are critical when selecting the best DJ mixer:

Identify the type of mixer you need

Determine the type of mixer you need based on your DJ setup and mixing style. Base your choice of mixer based on your DJ setup and mixing style. Will a basic two-channel mixer suffice for your choice of mixing or do you want to craft DJ tunes professionally by using a complex model with additional functions.

Number of channels

Consider the number of channels required for your mixing. More channels allow for mixing multiple audio sources simultaneously, providing versatility in your DJ sets. Higher number of channels allow nuanced mixing.

Inputs and outputs

Evaluate the inputs and outputs the mixer offers. Ensure it accommodates various devices you intend to connect, such as turntables, microphones, and computers, among others.

Equalizer and effects

Check the mixer’s equalizer (EQ) capabilities and available effects. A good EQ allows you to fine-tune frequencies and add creative elements and variations to your mixes. Based on my experience, a good EQ is essential for mixing quality songs.


Look for mixers with features like beatmatching, which assist in aligning beats for smoother transitions between tracks. Professional mixers constantly use this feature to create quality audio samples.

Sync features

Some mixers offer sync features that automate tempo and beatmatching, simplifying complex mixing tasks. Automating some tasks can help you work on complex elements and create intricate appealing mixing.

Software integration

If you use DJ software, consider mixers that integrate seamlessly with your preferred software, offering enhanced control and functionality. Incompatibility of the mixer with your preferred software package can ruin your mixing experience. Best to check online before purchase to confirm integration.


Set a budget and explore mixer options that fall within that range. A wide spectrum of mixers is available at different price points, so find one that balances features and affordability according to your needs.

Best DJ mixers

Because a DJ mixer is the cornerstone of a DJ’s gear, it is used to combine many audio sources to create seamless transitions. Based on my years of playing and mixing, I have compiled the following list of mixers. The list caters to beginners as well as advanced players:

Pioneer DJM-V10

Pioneer DJ DJM-V10
An image credit example from a Pioneer Dj
  • Channels: Six channels for versatile mixing
  • Compatibility: Works with various DJ software and systems (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Connectivity: Dual universal serial bus (USB) port, dual headphones outs
  • EQs: 4-band EQ on each channel for precise sound manipulation
  • Price: $3,600

Playdifferently Model 1.4

Playdifferently Model 1.4
An image credit example from a Play Differently
  • Channels: Six stereo channels
  • Compatibility: Independent Cue systems, compatible with various software and hardware packages
  • Connectivity: USB connectivity, External line return (XLR) connectivity, and phone inputs
  • EQs: Per-channel sculpting EQ, Master 3-band EQ, 2-band booth EQ
  • Price: $2,300

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Rane MP2015

Rane MP2015
An image credit example from a Rane
  • Channels: Four stereo channels
  • Compatibility: Class-compliant, no driver necessary for Mac OS, Audio stream input output (ASIO) driver for Windows 7
  • Connectivity: Pro-XLR and tip ring sleeve (TRS) outputs
  • EQs: Three-band isolator EQs
  • Price: $2,900

Allen and Heath Xone: 96

Allen & Heath Xone:96
An image credit example from a Allen&Heath
  • Channels: Six + two channels for versatile DJ setups
  • Compatibility: Works with laptops, digital media players, and other external devices
  • Connectivity: Diverse input/output options including USB, XLR, and RCA
  • EQs: High-quality four-band EQ for precise sound control
  • Price: $2,500

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
An image credit example from a Pioneer Dj
  • Channels: Four channels for versatile mixing capabilities
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various DJ setups and software
  • Connectivity: Multiple USB ports, audio inputs/outputs, musical instrument digital interface (MIDI), XLR, TRS, and local area network (LAN) connections.
  • EQs: High-quality four-band EQ per channel
  • Price: $2,300

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9
An image credit example from a Pioneer Dj
  • Channels: Equipped with four channels for streamlined mixing
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various DJ software and hardware
  • Connectivity: Multiple connectivity options including LAN, USB, and inputs/outputs
  • EQs: Advanced three-band EQ controls for sound customization
  • Price: $2,700

Numark M6 USB

Numark M6 USB
An image credit example from a Numark
  • Channels: Provides four channels for mixing flexibility.
  • Compatibility: USB computer connection, music player software, compatible with various audio devices such as CD players, and turntables
  • Connectivity: Multiple input/output options including phono, line, and mic inputs
  • EQs: Standard three-band EQ controls for basic sound adjustments
  • Price: $220

Behringer DX626

Behringer DX626
An image credit example from a Behringer
  • Channels: Equipped with three channels for basic mixing requirements
  • Compatibility: Works with various DJ software, hardware setups, audio devices, and systems, making it versatile for DJ setups, home studios, or live performances
  • Connectivity: Basic inputs/outputs, RCA inputs/outputs, microphone input
  • EQs: Standard three-band EQ controls for basic sound manipulation
  • Price: $140

Reloop RMX-95

Reloop RMX-95
An image credit example from a Reloop
  • Channels: Equipped with 4 + 1 channels for basic mixing requirements
  • Compatibility: Works with various DJ software and hardware setups, offering versatile usage options
  • Connectivity: Four CD inputs, two lines input, two phono inputs, two microphones input, AUX input, RCA or XLR cable connections, and basic inputs/outputs
  • EQs: Standard three-band EQ controls for basic sound manipulation.
  • Price: $1,100


What is a DJ mixer?

A DJ mixer is a vital piece of equipment used by DJs to blend, mix, and manipulate audio signals to create seamless transitions between tracks. It allows DJs to control the volume, EQ, and effects of various audio sources.

What factors should be considered when choosing the best DJ mixer?

Factors such as the number of channels, type of mixer, inputs and outputs, EQ and effects, beatmatching, sync features, software, and budget play crucial roles in choosing the right DJ mixer.

What are the 10 best DJ mixers?

Pioneer DJ DJM-V10, Playdifferently Model 1.4, Rane MP2015, Allen & Heath Xone:96, Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2, Pioneer DJ DJM-A9, Numark M6 USB, Behringer DX626, Reloop RMX-95, and Pioneer DJM-V10 are considered the best DJ mixers.

What mixers do most DJs use?

The preferences vary among DJs, but Pioneer, Allen & Health, Numark, Rane, and Denon DJ mixers are commonly favored for their reliability, features, and performance.

Which DJ mixer is best for beginners?

For beginners, entry-level mixers such as the Numark M6 USB, Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2, or Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 are often recommended for their user-friendly interface and essential functionalities.

How do I choose a DJ mixer?

Choose a DJ mixer based on your requirements: consider the number of channels you need, and the sound quality desired. Available effects, durability, connectivity options, and budget.

What is the sound quality of a Pioneer DJ mixer?

Pioneer DJ mixers, renowned for their quality, offer exceptional sound clarity and fidelity, ensuring a professional audio experience.

What is the price of Pioneer DJ DJM-V10?

The price of the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 varies depending on the retailer and current promotions. Typically, it falls between the price range of $2000 to $4000. For the most accurate and updated pricing, it is advisable to check with authorized retailers or official websites.

What is the connectivity of Allen & Heath Xone:96?

The Allen & Heath Xone: 96 features multiple connectivity options including USB, XLR, RCA, and MIDI, providing versatility for various setups and instruments.

What is the price of Numark M6 USB?

The Numark M6 USB is typically a budget-friendly option, priced competitively in the entry-level range of DJ mixers. Generally, it falls between the price range of $200 to $300. Prices may vary based on location and retailer discounts.

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