Who is the Best Dancer in the World of All Time?


Who is the Best Dancer in the World
25 Oct, 2023


Dancing is akin to narrating a story using your body. Dancing is not just moving the body rhythmically, it’s about expressing feelings and conveying emotions without using words. Dance forms and styles vary considerably, from traditional dances passed down through generations to modern choreography. Dancers focus on rhythm, balance, and grace in movements. These qualities make dance a captivating and powerful medium to communicate and connect with others. Dance is like creating a language that is emoted with bodies that transcends the barriers of language.

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Best dancers of all time

Determining the “best” dancers in the world is subjective, as dance is a diverse and evolving art form with many styles. However, certain individuals have left an indelible impression on the global dance community. Dancers, such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, often considered one of the greatest ballet dancers, energized the stage with unmatched grace and skill. Martha Graham revolutionized contemporary dance with her innovative techniques. Michael Jackson, a pop icon, showcased unparalleled creativity and precision in his performances. Such dancers have not only mastered various dance genres but have also influenced and inspired generations of artists.

Explore how to become a dancer and tell your own story through the language of movement as you set out on a life-changing adventure to master the mysteries of rhythm, expressiveness, and grace.

Dance legends across eras

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Mikhail Baryshnikov
  3. Madonna
  4. Shakira
  5. Michael Flatley
  6. Joaquin Cortez
  7. Martha Graham
  8. Misty Copeland
  9. Prabhu Deva
  10. Rudolf Nuyerev

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
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Michael Joseph Jackson, born on August 29, 1958, was a famous 80s pop star and one of the most celebrated dancers in the world. He was a versatile performer as well as a prolific singer and songwriter. Jackson enthralled audiences with his videos and energetic live performances, especially his world renowned “Moonwalk,” a smooth shuffle of feet. He has inspired legions of dancers emulating and building upon his style.

As a child, Jackson was a precocious young man blessed with extraordinary dancing talent. Over the course of his career, he won 39 Guinness World Records, 15 Grammy awards, 6 Brit awards, and a Golden Globe. Sadly, the great artist passed away as he was staging a musical comeback.

Net worth: More than $500 million over the year

Most famous steps: Moonwalk, robot style, and whirlwind spin

Mikhail Barshynikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov
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Mikhail Baryshnikov, born on January 27, 1948, is a Russian–American dance icon famous for his excellence in ballet. He started out as a classical dancer and joined American Dance Theater. Subsequently, he became a dance director and choreographer. He made his professional debut in New York, performing in the “Peasant Pas de Deux” of “Giselle” in 1974. He is widely known for his work in theater, cinema, and as a television actor. He is known as the world’s greatest ballet dancer and has inspired young aspiring ballet dancers.

Net worth: About $45 million

Most famous steps: Cabriole Devant, Grand Assemblé or Double Assemblé en Tournant, Double Tour en l’air, Pirouette: En dehors, Sissonne, Failli, Double Jeté Entrelacé or Rivoltade, and Turn in Second

Awards: Primetime Emmy Award (1979, 1980, and 1989), David di Donatello David Speciale Award, National Medal of Arts, and Kennedy Centre Honors


An image credit example from a People

Madonna Louise Ciccone, born on August 16, 1958, is not just a musical icon but also widely renowned for her influential and innovative approach to dance. Throughout her career, she has consistently incorporated diverse dance styles into her performances, ranging from classic choreography to cutting-edge contemporary moves. Madonna’s dance routines have often been characterized by their boldness, precision, and a fearless embrace of new trends. Her ability to seamlessly blend different dance genres, coupled with her energetic and charismatic stage presence, has made Madonna a pioneer in the integration of dance into pop music performances.

Net worth: $850 million

Most famous steps: Tango, contemporary, parkour, and everything from flamenco to basque folk dance

Awards: Grammy awards, MTV Video Music Award, NRJ Music Award, People’s Choice Award for Favorite female artist, Kid’s Choice, and many more


An image credit example from a Glamour

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, born on February 2, 1977 is a Colombian singer, songwriter, and dancer known for her distinctive and dynamic dance style. She is well-known for her ability to incorporate different dance styles into her performances, and she is well-versed in Latin and belly dance. Her choreography with strong beat and hip-shaking motions are iconic and so is her theatrical persona. Shakira’s dancing moves are a highly energetic mesmerizing fusion of Middle Eastern and traditional Colombian elements, giving her style a distinct and enduring appeal. Shakira’s dancing abilities, which range from her vivacious hip whirls in “Hips Don’t Lie” to her expert belly dancing in “Ojos Asi,” give her already remarkable musical reputation a fun and hip-curling twist.

Net worth: $300 million

Most famous steps: Belly dance, Champeta, Mapalé (a mixed dance steps of two Afro-Colombian dance traditions)

Awards: Grammy Award, MTV Video Music Award, NRJ Music Award, World Music Award, People’s Choice Award for Pop Song, and many more

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Michael Flatley

 Michael Flatley
An image credit example from a Britannica

Michael Flatley, born in 1958 in Chicago, is a renowned Irish–American dancer and choreographer. He gained widespread acclaim for his remarkable contributions to Irish dance, particularly for his innovative work in shows such as “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance.” What sets him apart is his unique style, a fusion of traditional Irish dance with theatrical elements. His performances are characterized by lightning-fast footwork, intricate choreography, and a captivating stage presence. Flatley’s influence extends beyond the dance floor; he played a pivotal role in bringing Irish dance to a global audience and making it immensely popular. His energetic and charismatic approach continues to inspire dancers and audiences worldwide.

Net worth: $350 Million

Most famous steps: Irish dance in “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance”

Joaquin Cortés

Joaquin Cortes
An image credit example from a Semana

Spanish flamenco dancer and choreographer Joaquín Cortés is well-known worldwide for his modern and passionate style of flamenco. Cortés, who was born in Spain on February 22, 1969, has had a big influence on the dance industry with his creative synthesis of modern choreography and traditional flamenco components. Audiences are enthralled by his captivating stage presence, deft hand gestures, and powerful footwork. Cortés introduced flamenco to new audiences around the world, making this rich Spanish art style more widely known. Joaquín Cortés has gained worldwide acclaim for his achievements in the flamenco dance industry.

Net worth: $1.5 million

Most famous steps: Versatile trained ballet and Flamenco dance steps

Awards: Yoga Award

Martha Graham

 Martha graham
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American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham (1894–1991) is recognised for revolutionizing modern dance. Distinguished by her emotive and expressive movements, she created a distinct dance vocabulary that disregarded conventional ballet methods. Graham made a significant contribution to dance by inventing contraction and release, which made dance a potent artistic medium and had a long-lasting effect on the dance community.The Martha Graham Dance Company, her namesake dance troupe, has had a profound impact on the dance world, influencing generations of dancers and choreographers. Martha Graham’s legacy is not only in her innovative techniques but also in her ability to transform dance into a powerful form of artistic expression.

Net worth: $1.7 million

Most famous steps: Appalachian Spring and 181 Ballet

Awards: National medal of Arts, Kennedy Centre Honors, Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada

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Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland
An image credit example from a Amazonswatchmagazine

Misty Copeland, born in 1982, is an American ballet dancer who has significantly contributed to the world of dance. Recognized for breaking barriers, Misty is the first African American woman to be appointed as a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. Her dance style is characterized by a powerful and expressive technique, blending classical ballet with a modern sensibility. Beyond her technical prowess, Misty Copeland is known for her advocacy for diversity in dance and her efforts to make ballet more accessible to a broader audience. Her impact extends beyond the stage, influencing aspiring dancers and bringing a fresh perspective to the traditional world of ballet.

Copeland’s journey to success has been inspirational. She overcame socio-economic challenges and started learning ballet at an age older than most professional dancers. Her rise to prominence has not only shattered racial barriers but has also emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the world of classical ballet.

Net worth: Over $500000

Most famous steps: Ballet

Awards: Ballet Breakthrough Award, NAACP Image Award,Shorty Award for Best in Dance, and many more

Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva
An image credit example from a Indiatimes

Indian dancer, choreographer, actor, and director Prabhu Deva is highly regarded for his outstanding dancing abilities and contributions to the country’s film industry. Due to his remarkable dancing abilities, Deva, who was born on April 3, 1973, is frequently referred to as the “Indian Michael Jackson.” His dynamic and precise movements are well-known, and his dancing technique spans several genres, from classical to modern. Prabhu Deva is known as a dance maestro because of the many famous dance scenes he has choreographed in Indian movies. Apart from choreography, he has also achieved success in the entertainment industry as an actor and director, reinforcing his multifarious reputation.

Net worth: $18 million

Most famous steps: Iconic dance steps in Go Go Govinda, Oorvasi Oorvasi, Muqabala, Action Jackson theme song, and several Bollywood and regional film songs

Awards: Padma Shri, National Award for Best Choreography, Film Fare, Vijay Award, Screen Award, and much more

Rudold Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev
An image credit example from a Wikipedia

Born in the Soviet Union, Rudolf Nureyev (1938–1993), was a ballet dancer and choreographer who won praise all over the world for his extraordinary talent and charisma. Nureyev, who was born on March 17, 1938, in Russia, became one of the most well-known male dancers of his day before defecting to the West in 1961. Nureyev, who performed ballet with esteemed organizations, such as the Royal Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, was well-known for his strong leaps and compelling stage presence. His collaboration with ballerina Margot Fonteyn is especially renowned. Apart from his outstanding performances, Nureyev also dabbled in ballet direction and choreography. He has left a lasting legacy in the realm of classical ballet, transforming it in ways that go beyond the stage.

Net worth: $93 million

Most famous steps: Versatile ballet, classical, and modern dance steps

Awards: Legion of Honour (France) and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (France)

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Who is the World’s Best Dancer?

Michael Jackson is widely regarded to be the world’s best dancer because of his famous dance moves, especially the “Moonwalk.”

Who are the top 10 best dancers in the world?

Here are the best dancers in the world:

  • Micheal Jackson
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Prabhu Deva
  • Rudolf Nureyev
  • Martha Graham
  • Joaquin Cortes
  • Chris Brown
  • Usher
  • Shakira
  • Madonna

Which country has the best dancers in the world?

Dances from different countries and cultures have unique styles and traditions. Classical ballet has strong ties to Russia and France, while the United States is influential in contemporary and commercial dance. India has a rich tradition of classical dance forms, and Latin American countries are known for vibrant and energetic dances such as salsa and tango.

Who is the best dancer in the world after Michael Jackson?

Mikhail Baryshnikov is renowned for his graceful ballet skills and technical wizardry in ballet.

Who is the father of dance?

Ted Shawn is regarded to be the father of American Modern Dance.

Which dance style came first?

Dance evolved over the years as civilization progressed. Early human dance forms were ritualistic. Subsequently, various dance forms emerged. Although several contenders exist, singling out one dance form as the oldest is not possible.

What are the seven genres of dance?

The seven genres of dance are as follows:

  • Ballet
  • Modern and Contemporary Dance
  • Hip-Hop and Street Dance
  • Ballroom and Social Dance
  • Traditional and Folk Dance
  • Dance Fusion
  • Performance Art

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