Top 10 Female Metal Singers of All Time


Female Metal Singers
17 Nov, 2023


You may have enjoyed smooth operatic vocals and jazz renditions of famous songs by female vocalists. You may have danced and sung tunes of pop artists. But what about a powerful energy-laden metal track? Have you tried emulating a metal vocalist? Chances are you may have failed miserably in this pursuit and choked in many attempts (as I did!). Imagine the effort that goes into emoting the angst and rage of a metal song. In a male-dominated industry, it takes a different mettle to become a female metal vocalist. Metal songs demand a diverse and commanding vocal tenor that ranges from guttural growls to operatic highs and symphonic lows to typically convey themes of rebellion and resilience through high-octane lyrics and define the fierce and unapologetic energy of classic, death, symphonic, or progressive metal.

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History of metal singers

Since the pioneering work of Black Sabbath in late 1960s, metal has evolved into a broad genre with a number of subgenres, including progressive metal, death metal, and classic heavy metal, each with distinct themes and techniques. Metal is a popular genre that has had a long-lasting influence on the music industry.

In the 80s, female metal singers such as Doro Pesch and Lita Ford first found recognition. Subsequently, gothic metal vocalists encouraged several female singers in the 90s. The 2000s saw the emergence of symphonic metal icons such as Tarja Trunen and Sharon den Adel. Today, female metal singers continue to influence the genre.

Top 10 female metal singers

Alissa White-Gluz


Alissa White-Gluz is a Canadian metal vocalist known for her powerful and versatile contributions to the genre. She first gained recognition as the lead vocalist of the melodic death metal band “The Agonist.” Her contrasting harsh growls and melodic singing propelled her band to the top of the charts. Alissa White-Gluz’s career took a significant turn when she was selected as frontwoman for the iconic Swedish melodic death metal band “Arch Enemy”. She continued to impress with her fierce growls and commanding stage presence, making her one of the prominent female figures in the world of extreme metal. White-Guz’s impact on metal music is in her ability to combine aggression and melody, pushing boundaries and redefining the role of women in the genre.

Floor Jansen


Floor Jansen is a Dutch metal vocalist renowned for her versatility and exceptional vocal abilities in the metal genre. She initially gained prominence as the lead singer of the symphonic metal band “After Forever.” Her operatic and powerful vocals added a distinctive element to the band’s sound. She became the frontwoman of the Finnish symphonic metal band “Nightwish,” succeeding the legendary Tarja Turunen. Jansen’s remarkable range and stage presence solidified her as one of the genre’s premier vocalists.

What sets Floor Jansen apart is her ability to seamlessly transition between operatic and rock-style singing, adapting to a wide array of musical themes and styles within the metal genre. Her contributions have continued to shape the world of symphonic and progressive metal, making her a celebrated figure in the global metal community.

Amy Lee


Amy Lee, the lead vocalist and co-founder of the American rock band “Evanescence,” has made significant contributions to the world of metal music. While Evanescence’s music is often described as a blend of gothic, alternative, and nu-metal, Amy Lee’s distinctive voice and songwriting have played a pivotal role in defining the band’s sound. Her haunting, ethereal vocals, and emotional lyrics have resonated with fans, earning her a place as one of the most recognizable female figures in the alternative metal and rock genres.

With hit songs like “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal”, Amy Lee’s powerful voice and introspective songwriting adds a unique and memorable dimension to the metal scene. She has inspired a new generation of female artists to explore and succeed in the male-dominated world of metal and rock music.

Sharon Den Adel


Sharon den Adel is a Dutch singer-songwriter and a prominent figure in the symphonic metal and rock genres. She is best known as the lead vocalist and co-founder of the band Within Temptation. With her captivating vocals and a stage presence, Sharon den Adel has played a crucial role in shaping the sound and success of Within Temptation.

Her singing style, characterized by a powerful and emotive mezzo-soprano voice, perfectly complements the band’s symphonic rock sound. Within Temptation’s music often features a fusion of orchestral elements, electronic influences, and heavy guitar riffs, and Sharon’s vocals add a unique and evocative dimension to their songs. Her contributions have made the band one of the most respected and enduring bands in the symphonic metal genre. Sharon Adel’s immense talent has gained her wide acclaim as one of the leading female voices in the world of metal music.

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Tarja Turunen


Tarja Turunen, a Finnish singer-songwriter, is a defining figure in the metal genre. She rose to prominence as the original lead vocalist of the Finnish band Nightwish, contributing to their early albums and establishing herself as an iconic presence in the world of metal music. Tarja’s signature style combines the power of operatic vocals with a deep, emotive resonance, creating a dramatic and captivating sound that complements Nightwish’s symphonic metal compositions.

Her classical training and exceptional vocal range have set her apart in the genre, and she’s known for her ability to seamlessly blend classical elements with the heavy and melodic aspects of metal. Beyond Nightwish, Tarja has pursued a successful solo career, showcasing her versatility as a performer. Her influence on the symphonic metal subgenre, along with her enduring presence, has solidified her status as one of the queens of metal and a highly regarded female vocalist in the metal world.

Gabriela Gunčíková


Gabriela Gunčíková is a talented Czech singer known for her contributions to the rock and metal genres. She gained widespread recognition as a finalist in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, representing the Czech Republic. Gabriela’s vocal style is marked by its versatility, allowing her to excel in various genres, including rock and metal.

While she may not be as prominent as some other female metal vocalists, Gabriela has showcased her vocal prowess through her performances, demonstrating a powerful and emotive singing style that can be a valuable asset to the rock and metal music scenes. Her unmitigated vocal range and talent in Eurovision avowed international audience, and she continues to pursue her musical career with potential for further impact in the metal genre.

Amanda Somerville


Amanda Somerville is a versatile American singer, songwriter, and vocal coach who has made significant contributions to the metal and rock genres. She is known for her collaborative work with various metal and rock bands and her unique vocal talents. Amanda’s involvement in the metal scene includes collaborations with well-known acts such as Avantasia, Kamelot, and Epica, among others. Her singing style combines a powerful and expressive voice that can range from operatic to rock, making her a valuable addition to the symphonic and power metal subgenres. Beyond her singing, Amanda’s songwriting skills have also played a role in shaping the music of these bands.

Her diverse talents and willingness to experiment with different vocal styles have earned her recognition within the metal and rock communities, allowing her to contribute to numerous projects and showcase her adaptability as a vocalist.

Laura Guldemond


Laura Guldemond, a Dutch metal singer, is the lead singer of the swiss all-female heavy metal band “Burning Witches.” She is a wild child and loves classic metal and has lit up shows all around the world. Over the past ten years, Burning Witches has gained a sizable fan base owing to their albums blending musical influences such as Judas Priest, Savatage, Iron Maiden, and Dio with a dash of Thrash added for good measure. Laura Guldemond has excelled in recent releases.

Guldemond’s aggressiveness and ability to hit high notes while still maintaining melody make her a well-rounded vocalist, which contributes to her appeal among audiences. She stands out from the rest of her colleagues in the role due to her charm, stage presence, and never-back-down attitude.

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Cristina Scabbia


Cristina Scabbia is an Italian vocalist known for her contributions to the gothic and alternative metal genres. She gained widespread recognition as the co-lead vocalist of the Milan-based band “Lacuna Coil,” where her powerful and emotive singing style became a defining element of the band’s sound.

Cristina’s vocal abilities include a versatile range, which she uses to deliver both melodic and aggressive performances. Her distinct voice, often in harmony with co-vocalist Andrea Ferro, has played a crucial role in shaping Lacuna Coil’s music, which is characterized by a blend of heavy guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and gothic atmosphere. As one of the prominent female figures in the metal scene, Cristina Scabbia’s contributions have helped Lacuna Coil’s achieve international acclaim and maintain their presence in the alternative and gothic metal subgenres. Her vocal prowess and stage presence endure long after her performances have ended.

Suzuka Nakamoto


Suzuka Nakamoto, also known as Su-metal, is a Japanese singer who gained fame in the metal genre as the lead vocalist of the band “Babymetal.” She became a central figure in the fusion of J-pop and heavy metal. The band combines catchy, idol style, J-pop vocals with hard-hitting metal instrumentals, creating a unique and energetic sound.

Suzuka Nakamoto’s powerful and melodic singing juxtaposed against the band’s heavy guitar riffs and intense performances helped pioneer the “Kawaii metal” subgenre, which blends cute J-pop inspired aesthetics with the energy and aggression of heavy metal music. Under her stage name Su-metal, Suzuka Nakamoto and Babymetal have achieved international recognition and a dedicated fanbase, and their innovative approach to metal has left a lasting impact on the genre by attracting a diverse audience of both metal and J-pop enthusiasts.


Who are the top 10 female metal singers?

  • Alissa White-Gluz
  • Floor Jansen
  • Amy Lee
  • Sharon den Adel
  • Tarja Turunen
  • Gabriela Guncikova
  • Amanda Somerville
  • Laura Guldemond
  • Cristina Scabbia
  • Suzuka Nakamoto

Who tops the list of female metal singers?

Prominent female metal singers include Tarja Turunen, Sharon den Adel, Floor Jansen, and Amy Lee. The ranking can vary based on personal preferences. A degree of subjectivity makes a difference in the perception of the top female metal singers.

Who is the most talented female musician?

Determining the “most talented” female musician is subjective and varies based on musical genres and individual preferences. Many highly talented female musicians excel in various aspects of music.

What are the famous songs of Alissa White-Gluz?

Some famous songs featuring Alissa White-Gluz’s vocals include:

  • War Eternal
  • The World is Yours
  • You Will Know My Name
  • Nemesis

These tracks highlight her powerful growling and melodic vocal styles, which have become signatures of her performances with Arch Enemy.

Which song Sharon den Adel is a hit?

Sharon den Adel, as the lead vocalist of Within Temptation, is known for her powerful and emotive singing style. One of the famous songs by Within Temptation featuring her vocals is “Ice Queen.”

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