Best Acoustic Bass Guitar: Top Picks & Buying Tips


The Best Acoustic Bass Guitars of 2023 A Comprehensive Guide img
28 Nov, 2023


In this guide, you will discover essential factors to Consider when selecting the acoustic bass guitar that matches your needs. We’ve also compiled a list of 10 best acoustic bass guitars to assist you in making an informed decision. Additionally, we detail maintenance tips to ensure your instrument stays in pristine condition for playing. Let this guide be your trusted companion as you venture into the world of acoustic bass guitars, making the process smoother and helping you make an informed decision.

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Best acoustic bass guitar

An acoustic bass guitar is a versatile and unique instrument that produces a deep, resonant tone without an amplifier or an electric connection. Resembling an acoustic guitar with a large, hollow body, it delivers a rich and melodic tone, making it suitable for various musical genres. Its warm and natural tones are perfect for unplugged performances, offering a unique offering low-end foundation. Whether you are delving into folk, jazz, or other acoustic musical settings, the acoustic bass guitar brings a dynamic element to the musical ensemble.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, choosing the right bass guitar is vital. Keep an eye out for factors like build quality, ease of play, and affordability. Portability, sound quality, and sturdy build are some of the essential Considerations. Reputable brands such as Taylor, Fender, and Ibanez often offer excellent options for acoustic bass guitars.

Always remember, the best acoustic bass guitar is the one that inspires you to practice and enjoy your musical journey. Our recommendations have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet your needs and provide a reliable starting point for your musical exploration.

Factors to Consider when choosing the best acoustic bass guitar

With years of experience playing the acoustic bass guitar, I lay down the various essential factors that should be Considered when searching for that perfect pitch and tone to accompany you on your musical journey. Here, I share the key Considerations I’ve gathered through my personal experience in pursuit of the ideal acoustic bass guitar.

Sound quality

It all starts with the sound. Look for an acoustic bass guitar that delivers deep, rich tones, maintaining clarity across frequencies. Seek warmth and a tone that resonates with your musical style.


The feel of the instrument is important. Pay attention to the neck, string action, and overall comfort when testing different models. A comfortable, playable bass is essential for an enjoyable playing experience.

Body size and shape

The guitar’s body size and shape impact both its sound and comfort during play. Find a balance that suits your playing style while providing the desired resonance.

Build quality and materials

Construction significantly influences durability and tone. Quality woods and craftsmanship contribute to a reliable, resonant instrument that stands the test of time.


Planning to plug in? Check for in-built electronics if you intend to amplify your bass for stage performances. A good pickup system for a semi-acoustic bass ensures a clean and accurate representation of your sound through an amplifier.

Brand reputation

Consider the reputation of the brand. Established brands often have a track record of producing reliable instruments, but don’t hesitate to explore newer brands with positive reviews.

Price range

Set your budget realistically and discover the ideal harmony of quality and affordability with the best cheap bass guitar. Acoustic bass guitars are available at various price points, so finding one that meets your needs is critical.

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Top 10 acoustic bass guitar

Embarking on the journey of finding the perfect acoustic bass guitar? Look no further! I have compiled a list of the top 10 acoustic bass guitars to help you explore your options. Whether you are a professional musician or just starting, these instruments offer unique features and characteristics that cater to different playing styles. Let’s dive into the pros and Cons of each one, along with their price range:

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Bass

  • Pros: Exceptional tonal quality, excellent build quality, compact size for portability
  • Cons: Poor string quality. You may have to replace the strings that come with the guitar when you purchase it.
  • Price: $500–$900

Martin BC-16E Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • Pros: Rich, warm tones, comfortable playability
  • Cons: Slightly heavy body.
  • Price: $2000–$2500

Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic Bass

  • Pros: Compact design, impressive resonance
  • Cons: Not ideal for louder performances, lacks deep resonance
  • Price: $500–$1000

Fender CB-60SCE Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • Pros: Versatile sound, built-in electronics
  • Cons: Slightly heavy, limited tonal depth
  • Price: $1000

Takamine GB72CE Jumbo Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • Pros: Jumbo body for powerful projection, onboard preamp, warm tone
  • Cons: Larger body not suitable for all players
  • Price: $1000–$1500

Fender Kingman V2 Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • Pros: Classic Fender aesthetic, well-balanced sound
  • Cons: Considered heavy by some players
  • Price: $1000–$1200

Cordoba Mini II EB-E Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • Pros: Compact and portable, great for travel
  • Cons: Limited resonance compared to larger models
  • Price: $1000–$1100

Aria FEB F2/FL Fretless Bass

  • Pros: Fretless design for unique playing experience
  • Cons: Built-in electronic might require adjustments, not suitable for beginners
  • Price: $1000–$2000

Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic Bass Guitars

  • Pros: Good playability, on-board electronics
  • Cons: Built-in electronics might require adjustments
  • Price: $1000–$1300

Dean Exotica Quilt Ash Acoustic Bass Guitars

  • Pros: Striking visual appeal, balanced tones, lightweight
  • Cons: Considered heavy by some players, electronics could be improved
  • Price: $1000–$1400

Tips for maintaining the acoustic bass guitar

Maintaining your acoustic bass guitar is crucial for ensuring it continues to sound great and lasts a long time. Throughout my journey as an acoustic bass guitarist, I’ve used some handy tips and tricks for keeping my instrument in fantastic shape. These maintenance tips are easy to follow and can make a significant difference in maintaining the tonal quality of your bass guitar.

Wipe your strings after you play

After playing, take a moment to wipe down your strings with a clean cloth. This simple step prevents the accumulation of dirt and oils, ultimately extending the life of your strings and maintaining a crisp, clear tone. Make sure the cloth is not moist.

Keep your capo ready

Whether you’re experimenting with different tunings or just need a quick change in pitch, having your capo easily accessible ensures seamless transitions during your play.

Pick weave

It’s always a good idea to have a few spare picks on hand. If you’re using a pick, Consider a pick weave technique. This involves attaching a small piece of elastic to your bass guitar, providing a handy spot to secure your pick during breaks or when switching playing styles.

Keep the guitar in its case

When your acoustic bass guitar isn’t in use, store it in a case. This protects it from dust, humidity, and potential accidents.

Restring like a pro

Regularly changing your strings is essential for maintaining optimal tension and a clear, resonant sound.

Diagnosing problems with the nut

If you notice issues with string action or buzzing, the nut might be the culprit. A well-maintained nut ensures smooth playability. Check for any visible damage, and if needed, seek professional guidance for adjustments.

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Choosing the perfect acoustic bass guitar is a significant step for any musician, whether they are embarking on their musical journey or exploring new genres. Sound quality, playability, brand, budget, and body size are crucial factors to ponder over before making a choice. Delve deeper and explore the offerings from reliable brands like Taylor, Fender, Martin, or Ibanez, as they often deliver high-quality instruments.

The best acoustic bass guitar is one that resonates with you, inspiring countless practice sessions and immense joy during your musical exploration. Our curated list serves as a solid starting point, ensuring you find an instrument that suits your preferences.

With these Considerations in mind, you’re better equipped to venture into the melodic world of acoustic bass guitars.

The Top 10 Acoustic Bass Guitar list we’ve assembled will serve as an excellent reference point, providing a starting ground for your musical discoveries.

Finally, maintain your acoustic bass guitar well, wiping the strings post-play, keeping the capo nearby, changing the strings, and ensuring a well-kept guitar case. These habits will ensure your musical companion remains in top-notch shape, ready to be plucked when inspiration strikes.

Happy strumming and cheers to your musical aspirations!


What are the best acoustic bass guitars?

Here are the top 10 best acoustic bass guitars:

  • Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Bass
  • Martin BC-16E Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic Bass
  • Fender CB-60SCE Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Takamine GB72CE Jumbo Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Fender Kingman V2 Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Cordoba Mini II EB-E Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Aria FEB F2/FL Fretless Bass
  • Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic Bass Guitars
  • Dean Exotica Quilt Ash Acoustic Bass Guitars

What should I look for in an acoustic bass?

When searching for the perfect acoustic bass, focus on factors like sound quality, comfortable playability, overall build quality, in-built electronics, brand reputation, and a budget that suits your needs.

What is the range of acoustic bass?

The price range for an acoustic bass guitar varies based on design, size, brand, and string type. Typically, it ranges from around $100 to $2500.

What is an acoustic bass called?

An acoustic bass without any amplification or electric connection is commonly known as “acoustic bass guitar.”

What are acoustic bass guitars good for?

Acoustic guitars deliver deep, resonant tones making them ideal for unplugged performances that add depth to your music. Their portability makes them perfect for jam sessions, intimate gigs, or simply enjoying music with family or friends.

What is the price of a Fender CB-60SCE Acoustic Bass Guitar?

Generally, the cost of a Fender CB-60 SCE Acoustic Bass Guitar ranges from approximately $300 to $600. For the most current pricing details, consulting local music shops, online retailers, or Fender’s official website is recommended.

What are the pros of Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic Bass Guitars?

The Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic Guitar stands out with its sleek design, versatility, and resonant tone, making it an excellent choice for both practice sessions and live gigs.

What are the cons of Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Bass?

While the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Bass is a fantastic instrument, it has its drawbacks, including higher price points, and a compact size affecting volume and resonance

What is the most sold bass?

The most sold bass guitar varies on factors like musical genre, player preferences, and market trends. However, consistently popular choices include the Fender Precision Bass and Fender Jazz Bass, celebrated for their versatility, iconic design, and rich history.

What is the price of Fender Kingman V2 Acoustic Bass?

The cost of a Fender Kingman V2 Acoustic Bass ranges from approximately $500 to $800. For the most current pricing details, consulting local music shops, online retailers, or Fender’s official website is recommended.