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The Demo Stop is a venue for artists to connect with the entertainment community across the globe. The site offers artists in all genres in the most remote communities an opportunity to show off with demos and share their talent and promote themselves. Many artists are posting their demos and performances on other sites hoping to be discovered to pursue of a serious music career. The fundamental problem with is that users have to search through a number of videos that don’t meet their search requirements. Wading through the countless “post for fun” videos requires time and effort on the user’s part before they can begin to view what they were really looking for.

The search for a performer has finally been simplified. Through our advanced search, the everyday fan, the producer, club owner, promoter and event organizer will have access to a pool of talent and artists to follow and support. Most of all, The Demo Stop will become a hub to foster that communication to the entertainment industry and then we’ll provide a center for rising opportunities to perform at events and entertainment venues.

“Helping performers bring their art to the world”.